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Adam, CTO & Co-Founder of INFINIUM (formerly MOx ST), has over 16 years experience designing, improving, and modeling processes for materials production and modification.

His expertise includes broad materials coverage: metal extraction/refining and products, thin films, ceramic coatings, polymer membranes, batteries, and E-M propulsion.

He has pioneered innovations in phase field modeling for solidification, fluid-structure interactions, electrochemistry, and polymer membranes and has deep technology and domain experience with a Ph D from MIT.

Along with Derezinski, Adam has built a world-class team at INFINIUM, growing the company from 2 employees to 20 employees.

Adam has led innovations for the company with experimental validation and scale-up design to turn core solid electrolyte metal extraction patents into a viable industrial process.

He is the primary author of INFINIUM's patent portfolio with over seven applications (plus two provisionals), one with notice of issuance, and is the principle Investigator on $8.4M in government grants & contracts.

Prior to working with INFINIUM, Adam was on MIT's Material Science & Engineering faculty, and also received his Ph D in Materials Engineering from MIT.

For us, sustainability is not just about being green.

It’s about leveraging resources over the long haul, which is a core component for any solid business.

Our value proposition is to leverage existing elements from the earth via clean processes – with not only a positive environmental impact, but also an improved bottom-line for our customers.

Combining this sense of value with a future vision is what provides the Clean Metal Element for any business.

Human history has been defined by the dominant metal of each Age.